Hello !

Welcome to my modest site.   Please bear with me while I get this up and running.

 This week, I share with you  a long lost song from 1993  by Johnette Napolitano, Wire Train, and myself ,  titled  These Times Are Crazy Crazy.  Forgotten for 23 years  , I re-discovered  this gem while I was digitizing old cassettes. You can hear it and read about it in my Slog:Song Log of Sept 28. 

 I have released a  new song called Footnotes  and a new unedited version of Build a Better Garden .  Go have a listen in the Music Store.
There is also some commentary and 'artwork"  about the song's inspiration in my Song Log, or Slog.  

There is a lot more on it's way !

Fondly Thus,

Andy Prieboy
 Sept. 2016